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Giving thanks to God and others is appropriate at any time but at this time of year in America, as a nation, we pause to offer up thanks to God for His abundant blessings on the citizens of this country. While we may have some who would leave God out of the pause for Thanksgiving at this time I believe the vast majority of Americans still believe that the reason America has been so blessed in so many ways is because of the faith in God that still exists among the common people of this country.

The people who serve as staff and partners with Caribbean Vision Ministries are well aware that "every good and perfect gift" comes from God. We are blessed to be able to serve the Lord of Lords and King of Kings among Caribbean people. And we are totally aware that without the partnership of so many of God's people giving so generously we would not have the resources to share God's blessings with the multitudes of needy people that we serve in the Caribbean.

As you pause to give thanks to God on this Thanksgiving Day and weekend please take a moment and pray for the needs of the Caribbean people. Many of them live in an impoverished state of living because of the policies of their government and very often because of the religious practices of their country. In most cases the only answer to their impoverished state is when the people of a country have a spiritual revival and turn or return to serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. When Jesus is King things change. Please pray that Caribbean Vision Ministries will be successful in their ministry of assisting churches in sharing the gospel through multiple ministries, i.e., churches, bible institute, medical ministries, schools, orphanage, and through these ministries help turn countries to Christ.

Americans are very compassionate in helping hurting people in poor countries and often between now and Christmas Christians give generously to help those who are in great need. Caribbean Vision Ministries serves in the poorest most poverty stricken country in this hemisphere if not in the whole world-Haiti. Your generous gift of thanksgiving to God at this time will help us to minister to the people of Haiti where we serve. Most of these people have no indoor toilets, no running water, no clean water, no electricity, 1 or 2 meals a day, 40-60% unemployment, no health care, no funds to pay for school for their children, you get the picture. The ministries and gospel we offer means life or death to many of these people. Your gracious gift at this time will help us to continue to minister to the hurting people of Haiti in a spiritual, physical and compassionate way.

Thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of hurting people. Somewhere in Haiti a Haitian family will be thanking God for you and your gift that made a difference in their lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

Each year our Haitian Staff Leaders residing in South Florida make a trip to Haiti to minister to the kids and staff at House of Hope Orphanage and to the churches in Cap Haitien. Pastor Elysee & Yolette Joseph and several others will be in Haiti in December. Your financial help would be appreciated to help care for their travel expenses and for a Christmas party and gifts for the kids at House of Hope Orphanage. For more ways you can help please contact Pastor Elysee direct at 954-588-5016 or by email at:

Pastor Dumont Cardichon and his wife Rose will be in Haiti from December 15-30 to minister to the churches in the Las Cahobas area of Haiti. They will be taking clothing, shoes and other items to minister to the six churches in that area. If you would like to help them with clothing items, gifts for children, food for the people, and with travel expenses or in other ways please contact Pastor Dumont direct by calling him at 954-297-1595 or email him at

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