Thank you for your recent gifts to help us with the Haiti hurricane disaster needs. Your generosity has enabled us to begin repairs to the damaged buildings. The boys dorm and the kitchen areas damaged at House of Hope Orphanage have been repaired. And in addition we would like to report that the government finally, after a long period of time, has connected and turned on the electric power at House of Hope. We are very hopeful this will be consistent power supplied to the Orphanage that will make life better for the residents.

The Bord der Mer Church now has a new roof and the eroded foundation is in the final stages of repair and we trust both of these items will have a happy and long life; however, because of the location of this building we realize hurricanes and high tides are always a danger. This church is vital to the spiritual and educational welfare of this very poor and isolated community. Your prayers on a regular basis for Pastor Wilmain Cadet and his congregation would be appreciated. We still have one damaged/destroyed church in the Cap Haitien area of Haiti that is pending evaluation before construction begins on rebuilding it. Final evaluation should be done within a few days.

There are currently hurricane damaged churches from 2016/2017 being repaired by Caribbean Vision Ministries in Nippes (Southern Haiti), Las Cahobas (East-Central Haiti) and in the Cap Haitien area (Northern Haiti).

This past summer we also had buildings under construction at House of Hope Orphanage and an addition being added to the Three Strands medical facility at the Grace Theological Institute site. Our construction crews and supervisory personnel have been busy this year. We are thankful for the Three Strands partnership as their new addition for a clinic waiting area will also provide the Institute sponsored neighborhood chapel church a covered meeting area for church services.

At this writing Three Strands has a medical team at their clinic in Cap Haitien and as they partner with the CVM team they will probably minister to over 100 people a day to meet their medical needs. Each person will also have an opportunity to be ministered to spiritually. In addition, two days this week the team will be off site and in selected communities to reach people who very seldom receive medical care and some who may never have received medical care. We are thankful for the Three Strands partnership and their compassionate care for the Haitian people. This volunteer team led by Dr. Babak Iranmanesh and his team of medical & non-medical personnel are to be commended for their

sacrificial service to the Haitian people. Please pray for them this week as they serve in a tough environment. They will be bone weary tired.

GO2 HAITI, GO2BAHAMAS, AND GO2TRINIDAD TEAMS are a big component of our ministry in the Caribbean. This year we have had 8 teams serve in Haiti, 3 teams in the Bahamas, and 1 team in Trinidad. In 2018 we already have five teams scheduled for Haiti. Four are medical teams and one is a teaching team for Grace Theological Institute. This is a good time to schedule a team from your church for 2018. Prime dates will begin to fill up very soon for those interested in ministering at House of Hope Orphanage, with a local church, or on a building project. We hope to open up other areas outside Cap Haitien for ministry this summer. For those desiring to help the Haitian community in the Bahamas please contact Chuck Davis to discuss opportunities. Trinidad is looking for people to help with outreach in new communities in Trinidad through various ministries and also for teams equipped to help train their local church members in various areas of ministry. Please contact Chuck Davis to discuss opportunities.


School has begun again in Haiti for everyone including the church schools we sponsor, House of Hope Orphanage children and the students at Grace Theological Institute. Without our Church Partners, our individual partners, and the sponsors of individual children at House of Hope none of these educational endeavors would be possible and we thank everyone for their assistance. We still need financial assistance for book supplies for the church school children this school year and we need a lot of financial assistance for Grace Theological Institute where we train Pastors and Church Planters. We believe the only real lasting hope for Haiti is a saved and spiritually revived population of people. To that end we are training Pastors and Church Planters and sending them out to evangelize the people of Haiti. At this time, in connection with Grace Theological Institute & Vision USA (Tony Webb), we are also working with training over forty church planters committed to God's work in Haiti in the GSE method of church planting.

As we approach the end of this calendar year your generous and gracious gifts will enable us to overcome deficits in the House of Hope Orphanage and Grace Theological Institute operating funds.

We are in our ninth year of ministry in the Caribbean as an organization. Most of our Team leadership consists of Caribbean people and others who have twenty or more years of experience in the Caribbean or with Caribbean people, and God has been faithful to supply our needs through our partners. As an organization we attempt to be good stewards of God's gifts. We trust we can count on you to find us worthy recipients of your gifts at this time so we can continue to move forward in ministering to people in the countries of the Caribbean.

You may donate to Caribbean Vision Ministries on our website at: or you can mail your donation to Caribbean Vision Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446. Please mark your gift for the appropriate fund. Thank you.

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