Great People You Would Want To Meet

If you join one of the Caribbean Vision Ministries GO2Haiti Teams whether it is a ministry team, a teaching team, a building team, or a medical team you will want to meet these people. They are important to each visitor's health & comfort while in Haiti.

Our hospitality staff at Grace Theological Institute, where most of our Teams are housed and fed, are a wonderful group of ladies. They cook, serve, clean, wash, and take care of many of the needs of the Teams. Some have ministered at Grace from the day it was opened. But very often they go unrecognized for their faithful service. But hundreds of Team members have been blessed by their ministry on behalf of the Lord Jesus. So let's give them a "shout out" for their ministry and today let us offer up a special prayer of blessing for them. Thank you ladies.

Their names from left to right are: Majorie, Maryanne, Babette, Maudeline, Wudoline, and Lovelie.

We are thankful for the wonderful Team members God has given us in Haiti. They love to serve Jesus in the capacity in which God has placed them. We hope to introduce more of them to you in coming days. And we would appreciate your continued prayers for those who serve with Caribbean Vision Ministries in Haiti. Haiti is a very difficult place in which to live and serve Jesus.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

Executive Director

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