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Our GO2Haiti Teams arrive in Haiti prepared to do various types of ministry that are determined long before they arrive. But each Team is unique and God has prepared the members to be used in a lot of different ways. The July 1-8, 2017 Team was comprised of people from the Lititz, PA Grace Brethren Church and four Haitian-Americans from South Florida. These folks have served together on several trips to Haiti and have become good friends.

Toni Joseph is one of the Haitian team members from Florida and she and her husband Kelly, their son Jeremy, and a friend Ricardo Joseph certainly added a new perspective to this team. The following is Toni's report of one of the activities on their Sunday in Haiti.

Report of our Team Outreach on Sunday, July 2, 2017 to Lecurieux, Milot

Our team went to Lecurieux which is a town close to Milot. This is my family's hometown. I had contacted my cousin Prosper Baptist, who is the pastor of the Baptist church in the community. This is also the church where Pastor Elysee's father was a pastor in his earlier years in ministry. He was most appreciative and welcomed our team to do outreach in the community. He said that he would announce it to the congregation to prepare for the outreach; however, he said that he may not be available to meet with us as he had a previous engagement after 3:00 pm at a church in Milot.

Lecurieux is tinted by the fame of an alleged voodoo priest by the name of Lisma Casseus, who is also my relative. Lisma was born into a Christian family but strayed away from the church to serve idols. He is allegedly known as someone possessed by evil spirits who empower him to cast spells of illness and death on people. Many have fled the town for fear of him.

God has put on my heart to pray for him because he too needs a savior. I shared that with Pastor Prosper and he stated that he, too, began to pray for him. Many of his children and former mistresses have given their lives to Christ. He said that Lisma even visited the church two months ago.

Our team joined with the team at the church at Lecurieux. The Pastor had left for a previous engagement. However, he left a team of 10 people led by one of the deacons, Job, to accompany us throughout the neighborhood. They had stacks of gospel tracts ready for us to hand out. Deacon Job organized us into 3 groups; 2 groups visiting the people on each side of the street and a 3

rd group of people remained at the church to pray.

We walked and ministered for about one hour in the neighborhood. We passed out gospel tracts to the people. Many were very receptive to hearing about God and some requested prayers. Many knew about Jesus and were reluctant to leave their way of life to follow Jesus. We prayed with many of the people who were sick and one family who was grieving for the death of a loved one.

We were led to the home of Lisma, the voodoo priest, by his daughter who is a member of the church. She was glad that we were going to speak to her father about Jesus. She said that he's been sick and he mentioned his desire to return to church. When we got there, he was not home. So all of us gathered together, spread out our hands over his property and prayed. We prayed for God to have mercy on his soul; to cover the land with his glory and to break the chains of bondage and set people free.

On our way back to the church we were told that a man accepted Jesus as Savior. It was a man named Louis Charles. I previously talked to him and he said that he was not ready to give his life to Christ because of his situations. I told him boldly that Jesus sent me to tell him that God loves him. He later met with the people in the church and asked them to pray the sinner's prayer with him. The entire congregation prayed over him.

Though my goal was to meet with my relative Lisma and share the gospel with him, I believe that God has already been working in his heart. The fact that we were obedient to go and preach the gospel, God is going to do great things in that community. I had brought a suitcase of clothes and shoes for the pastor to distribute to people in need.

The next day Pastor Prosper visited with us at the Institute to express his gratitude. He said the neighborhood was blessed by our presence. He prayed that our mission would bring lots of good fruit for the advancement of the gospel.

I thank God that he has given me the opportunity to participate in the wonderful things he is doing in Haiti.

Toni J Joseph

A Team trip to Haiti is not a vacation. It is serious business with a lot of life-changing moments sometimes filled with tears, often joyous laughter, always new and rewarding relationships with Haitian people, different food and experiences, and hot, tiring days. But the BIG thing is you get to see God work up close and personal. I don't think people would change the experience for anything.

We are now taking reservations for GO2Haiti Teams for 2018. You, your church, and your friends could be part of a great work for God in Haiti. Stay tuned for more stories by our Team members. If you are interested in serving on a team in Haiti contact Dr. Chuck Davis. His information is below.

Dr. Chuck Davis

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