In Trinidad Pastor Roger Dabideen and the folks at Grace Church have been working on their new church facility while they continue to reach people for Christ and disciple them. Now the finish line is in sight for the building program. Dedication day is set for August 5 and people are really excited. They still need about $3,000.00 to finish the work on the inside and I believe the friends of Pastor Roger and Grace Church in the U.S. will help them to complete the task. Send your gift to CVM today. And Millie and I will see you in Trinidad in August.

While the people in Trinidad have been busy so have the folks in Haiti. January kicked off on a full run as a GO2Haiti Teaching Team spent a week in Haiti ministering to a lot of people and teaching classes at Grace Theological Institute to over a 100 Pastors and Lay Leaders. After the Teaching Team left it wasn't long before three different medical teams from Three Strands ministered in the months of March, April, and May. We are thankful for their ministry to the people of Cap Haitien, House of Hope Orphanage, and the CVM associated churches. Two more medical teams are scheduled for this year.

In July there will be three different ministry teams serving in the Cap Haitien area. Another team will be serving in November and there will be a South Florida Haitian Team serving at House of Hope Orphanage in December. As you can see the Grace Theological Institute complex is a busy place operating a Bible Institute, having a Three Strands medical clinic on property, and housing, feeding and caring for all the ministry teams. And a neighborhood chapel on property will soon be a reality.

As you might expect, operating the ministry complex in Haiti is expensive and entails supplying and caring for facilities, personnel, students (tuition, books & supplies), and countless mundane items. But all of this is necessary so the biblical gospel can be preached, people can be saved and become real disciples of Jesus Christ, and churches can be planted. At this time there is a real need for funds for operating this ministry in Haiti. We have reached the bottom of the funds barrel and there are no more funds there. We need the financial help of our friends so this ministry can continue to move forward and our Haitian ministry team members can continue to serve and provide for their families.Thank you for your help at this critical time.


In our last newsletter we told you about all the things happening at House of Hope Orphanage. Renel & Wilbur are now half-way to being able to rent their own building and set up shop for their welding business thanks to a gift from a ministry partner. They still need another $1,000.00 to make their dream a reality. Can you make an investment in these two young Christian men? They are great young men and bear a good Christian testimony.

The other projects listed in our last newsletter still need funding and it is only about 30 days until work is scheduled to begin on each of these projects? Please pray about how God can use you to be a financial blessing to one of these projects. YOU CAN SEE EACH OF THESE PROJECTS LISTED IN OUR RECENT NEWSLETTER ON THE PROJECTS PAGE.


A love for Christ and His Kingdom. A thankful heart toward the Great God who has saved us. An unrelenting desire to please and serve Jesus. A simple faith to believe the Great Commission and Great Commandment apply to us today. A belief that God's grace is sufficient and His power great enough to allow us to accomplish whatever He leads us to do. The joy that has come through watching God at work in His church around the world. A desire to see the Word of God brought and taught to a dying world that needs its life saving message.

The members of the Board of Directors and their wives serving through Caribbean Vision Ministries consider it a privilege to assist God's Church in reaching people for Christ and planting reproducing churches in the Caribbean. We ask you to partner with us in the privilege of serving God's church.

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