Exciting Challenges!

To see the exciting happenings and challenges at House of Hope Orphanage you must read this newsletter. You will be blessed and challenged.

WARNING! This is a long newsletter and IT IS ALL ABOUT ORPHANS AND HOUSE OF HOPE ORPHANAGE IN HAITI. Hopefully you can read it all the way through at one time. If not take it in bites and pray over each item we share with you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and pray for the Staff and children at House of Hope.

Bite #1 - They are in business! Renel & Wilbur two of our young adults at House of Hope Orphanage are now trained and operating their very own welding business. But in order to take the next step and set up shop with their own rented building and additional items they still need about $2,000.00. In Haiti you have to pay the entire rent for a year in advance. They also continue their daily education schedule on the high school level and their English classes at Grace Theological Institute. Their welding internships and now their own welding business have all been made possible by the gifts of Caribbean Vision Ministries' friends in the United States. Many of these friends have been involved with these House of Hope young people by serving on GO2Haiti Teams. The income from the welding business will allow these young men to begin to pay some of their own life expenses and possibly save some money to allow them to enter college at some point in time. Thank you CVM friends for your investment in the lives of these young people. Your sacrifices will make an impact on their lives for a long time to come. Your gift toward the business set-up expenses at this time would be a great encouragement to them.

Bite #2 - Plans are also underway to make some dramatic changes at House of Hope Orphanage to improve the lives of the children and staff members. A medical office has been established on site and a physician, Dr. Laure, visits twice a week to care for the children and staff and check on their health needs. She is doing a great job. This is in addition to any service the children may receive at the Three Strands Clinic in Cap Haitian. We are thankful for the partnership with Three Strands in providing health care for House of Hope residents. We still need about $700.00 to complete furnishing of the House of Hope medical office. Your gift will help to make sure medical care at House of Hope is done in a good environment.

Bite #3 - Also at House of Hope work is continuing on building a wall all the way across the front of the property in order to make the residents safer and to protect against theft of the Orphanage equipment and possessions. And we have had some problems in this area. It is common in Haiti for homes and businesses to have concrete block walls surrounding their property. $1200.00 is still needed to complete this wall project.

Bite #4 - Scheduled to be completed this summer is a new building housing the Director and his family and it will also provide living space for all the girls. This building is on the original property of the Orphanage and was partially completed by prior occupants of the property. Building teams this summer will complete the first floor of this building and the Director's family and all the HOH girls can move in. We thank a GO2Haiti Team from Polaris Church in Columbus, OH for taking on this project and seeking to raise the $6,000.00

needed to complete this project. The CVM partners are an invaluable part of reaching the people of Haiti for Christ through the message of the gospel and also showing them the love of Christ through their actions. Your financial gift to help in this project will be appreciated. Work is slated to begin in July. (Above photos show the current building stage of this project.)

Bite #5 - Another project at House of Hope that needs to be completed this summer is a renovation of the dorm the girls will be vacating when they move to new housing. Last summer the Haiti Government Orphanage Authorities directed us to place our older male teens in separate housing quarters from the younger boys. With the help of ministry partners we built a new housing unit for the teens. The Government also directed us to move our young adult male residents to separate quarters as well. Since we did not have a building for them we rented space for the three young adults off campus. When the girls move to the new dorm space mentioned above we want to move the young adult male residents to the old girls dorm. To do this we need to make some renovations to the old girls dorm so that we will be able to accommodate five young adult males. It will take about $2,000.00 to complete this project. We really need the help of our ministry partners to complete this task.

Bite #6 - In the future we would like to place a second story on the soon to be built Director's home so that we can add an Assistant Director Staff couple (family) to our House of Hope Team. This will allow us to take care of some additional orphans and also bring some staff relief to the Director and his family. The total cost of this project is yet to be determined. Please pray with us about this project and God's provision of funds and His choice of an Assistant Director.

Bite #7 - Orphanage care in Haiti is complicated because of lack of what we would call normal social services in the United States. It is not unusual for a child to come to the orphanage at the age of 12 or older and find that they have never attended school. Or that they have severe medical problems. Or that they have family but they have been abandoned. The list of complications goes on. All this to say that raising these children is not easy and that when they would normally reach adulthood and take their place in the world they, most of the time, are not equipped to do so. The educational and training process takes longer to equip them to serve successfully in society. The incremental steps to help children become adult Christian men and women who can live successfully in Haiti, and make an impact on the society around them, just takes longer than one might think. So the CVM Staff in Haiti has to constantly make adjustments in seeking the best way to do what is best for the children at House of Hope. Your partnership and understanding in this process is appreciated.

Bite #8 - Caribbean Vision Ministries and the House of Hope Haiti Staff

are working together to fulfill the responsibility God has placed on us to care for the House of Hope residents as they grow from children, to teens, to young adults. It is a process full of learning, growing and adjusting to shifting circumstances over which we often have no control in the unstable society which surrounds us. The one thing we are certain of is that God is in ultimate control and loves and provides for the orphans and their daily needs. We praise God for His faithfulness!

Bite #9 - We need help from our friends for these immediate necessary projects so the Staff and children at House of Hope can be taken care of. The Staff are with the children 24/7/365

Bite #10 - If you would like to help financially to provide for the above mentioned projects you may do so by visiting our website at: caribbeanvisionministries.org

and using the PayPal button. You may also send your donation directly to Caribbean Vision Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446 and mark your check for the project you desire to help with. For more information or to discuss any of these projects please contact Dr. Chuck Davis at 850-624-1065 or by email at chuckdavis.cvm@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading this newsletter. Thank you for praying for the children and Staff of Hope Orphanage. Thank you for sharing a financial gift to help meet the immediate needs of the Hope family.

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