Hurricane Update

Dear Friends,

Hurricane Matthew hastily tore through Haiti but the effects of Matthew will be felt for a long time especially in the Southern part of Haiti.Wind, water, and flood damage recovery will take years and suffering will prevail for a long time. We are thankful for the major relief organizations, both Christian and secular, that are helping the Haitian people at this time.

Brethren affiliated organizations like Caribbean Vision Ministries, Breathe, Three Strands, and Encompass World Partners are doing what we can but our resources are small compared to the needs and the complications of getting safely into the Southern area of Haiti.

Caribbean Vision Ministries is working on a plan to rebuild the church at Nippes,in South Haiti, which was destroyed. We will be using Haitian workers and purchasing materials locally. All materials will have to be hauled up the mountain by mules. We will keep you informed of the financial needs as plans progress. This is an area where we delivered food supplies shortly after the Hurricane.

Hurricane Matthew also damaged churches in the Las Cahobas area.

Plans are being made to remove the roof at La Piste, the main Las Cahobas Church, and replace it so that it is safe and weather resistant. Our Haitian building team from Cap Haitien will work with local laborers and locally purchased materials to complete this project. The funds have been raised for this project and hopefully the project will move forward quickly. This church is the mother church for six other churches in the mountain area and is the home of Grace Theological Institute of Las Cahobas. Classes started at GTI in October. We also delivered food supplies to this area shortly after Hurricane Matthew.

In the Las Cahobas area we have two churches where damage has already been repaired but we have two churches that must be taken apart and totally rebuilt. And we have one church that owns land but the building was blown away and now needs a new building. We also have a church that needs to be taken apart and redone but it also needs a piece of land to build on. We will be able to work with these churches by hiring local labor and purchasing local materials but we will need to raise the money to help them. At this time this is an ongoing process. We will keep you informed and ask for your partnership in these endeavors.

Two weeks ago Cap Haitien suffered unusually heavy rains and most of the Northern area around Cap Haitien was flooded. This included the area around the Grace Theological Institute, Three Strands Medical Clinic, the neighborhood in this area, and also House of Hope Orphanage. We are blessed that water did not enter the buildings we have. But things are in a mess in Cap Haitien. Mud is everywhere and roads are often impassable. A number of our churches also were flooded. At this time we are assisting La Petit (Aviation) church & school, Bord de Mer church & school, and putting gravel in front of the entrance to the Institute so people can get in to the school and medical clinic.

Hurricane Matthew also visited the Bahamas and has damaged the churches we have there. The damage is not as severe as in Haiti and two of the churches did not need any help to repair the damages. We have two churches that need some financial help to replace the metal roof panels that were blown away by the wind. And we have one church that needs help in replacing the church floor because of water damage. And one church was destroyed.

Weather related events have a way of interrupting routine ministry operations in the Caribbean just like it does in the U.S.. And since the first of October that has been the lot of our Caribbean brothers and sisters in Christ residing in Haiti and the Bahamas. Please pray for the people of Haiti and the Bahamas.

You can help Caribbean Vision Ministries minister to all these people and churches mentioned above so that their needs may be met by sending a financial gift; designated Haiti Relief Fund

MAIL TO: Caribbean Vision Ministries, PO Box 18317, Panama City Beach, FL 32417

OR ONLINE: Using PayPal or Credit Card

Thank you for your partnership in ministry and together we can help to build God's Kingdom and help God's people to serve Him and have their needs met as well.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

Executive Director

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