Several of the major issues we have faced for a number of years now are the issues of moving the children of House of Hope from childhood to adulthood, from dependence to independence, from vocationally non-skilled to vocationally skilled, and from a "sheltered life" to a more integrated community life. In Haitian society and at House of Hope age is not the most critical issue but certainly preparation spiritually, educationally and vocationally are key issues.

A House of Hope Vision Committee is working on a long range plan for the future of House of Hope. While that plan is developing we are taking preliminary steps to assist those of adult age in their transition from House of Hope to the greater Haitian community. For several years the oldest young adults (children who have grown up at House of Hope) have been placed in Internships during the summer school breaks. Some of our supporters have paid for these internships.

We believe several of these young male adults in welding internships are now ready to open their own welding business. This will allow them to generate income while they finish their high school studies and prepare for college. Several of these young men would like to be engineers. The space they will need for their business will be located on the property of House of Hope.

In order to set these young men up in a welding business we need $2,500.00 to purchase the equipment they will need. Our Administrator in Haiti, Bobby Lucien, and House of Hope Director Pastor Joly will assist these young men with the advice and help they will need to be successful.

In the near future we trust our Vision Committee will have plans together for the building of a Vocational Training and Transition Center that will include housing for the older residents (young adults) and the resources for providing vocational training in a number of areas. As our young children grow into young adults this will provide for a good transition from the routine of orphanage life into the life of adult people in Haitian society.

If you would like to help in purchasing the equipment needed to start the welding business for our House of Hope young men send your gift to: Caribbean Vision Ministries, PO Box 18317, Panama City Beach, FL 32417 and mark the gift; HOH welding project.

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