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Dear Friends,

An orphanage is not a static place. Every day is exciting and different because the children are all different and exciting in their own way. Imagine almost forty children in your household and you will begin to get the picture. We love the kids of all ages at House of Hope and we are thankful for a loving and kind staff that has the interest of the children at heart.

Since Caribbean Vision Ministries adopted fifty children in 2010 we have been busy building a staff to minister to the children, facilities to minister to the children's needs, a farm to assist in feeding them, and programs and a way of life that will benefit them for the future including eternity. In addition during this time we have been forming friendships and partnerships with individuals, churches and organizations that also have a love and concern for the spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational welfare of the children.

The needs of children change as they grow up into their teen and young adult years. Everyone knows that. And that is true in Haiti as well. But things get complicated in Haiti, especially so when you receive children at the orphanage from so many deprived backgrounds. For instance, a child may turn eighteen years old but educationally they are only in sixth grade of school because they didn't have an opportunity to go to school until late in life. Because of a variety of problems facing children at House of Hope we are making some changes at House of Hope and we need your help to implement these changes.

Please read the following articles and if God touches your heart and you want to have a real impact on the future lives of the children at House of Hope please respond accordingly.

Thanks for your partnership and your love for the kids at House of Hope.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

Executive Director

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