Merry Christmas

It is with great joy that Millie and I approach this time of the year. Not because it has been the easiest year of our lives or the busiest travel or ministry year of our lives. Strokes have a way of bringing interuptions and schedule changes at times least expected. Not to mention physical adjustments and uncertainity faced daily.

But in spite of many difficulties this year God has blessed us and also

Caribbean Vision Ministries. The ministry has expanded in all the areas of the Caribbean and the U.S. in which we work. Our Board of Directors have stepped up in leadership and the leaders in each country have fulfilled their responsibilities in an excellent manner.All our ministries are ready to face 2016 in a great way of expansion for God's Kingdom. We praise God for this!

Millie and I have experienced God's abundant love and His supply of our needs on a daily basis since her first stroke on May 31. As she made progress in recovery from that stroke she had another stroke on August 25. We are thankful for the prayers and encouragement of God's people during this time and Millie is again progressing toward what we believe will be a full recovery. Millie is currently in outpatient physical therapy three times a week and has much hard work ahead of her. Millie and I continue to trust God daily and look forward to what God has planned for the future. So it is with great joy we approach this time of year because of God's great gift the Lord Jesus Christ and His constant care for us.

Thank you for being a ministry partner with Caribbean Vision Ministries. I am excited each day as I open the snail mail, or my emails, or answer the phone and interact with our partners. It is a real joy to interact with the people serving on our GO2 Teams though I don't always get to meet them. The Teams make a real difference in people's lives and Jesus is glorified. And your prayers and financial gifts have an impact for Jesus on adults, children, teens, widows and orphans. Please know that you are appreciated and prayed for as you serve God with us.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

Executive Director

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