School Days (in Haiti)

Kids are basically the same everywhere. They regret summer is ending but for the most part they are excited that school is beginning. New adventures await. New learning experiences bring new challenges. New friends appear. And new worlds are opened.

Things are the same in Haiti. Kids are excited about attending school. They love to learn. But Haiti is quite different from the U.S. Many kids come to school hungry. Kids walk to school along muddy roads filled with potholes and passing vacant lots often filled with garbage. And in the evening they are without lighting in their homes, food is oftentimes scarce, most of the time there is no running water, and tools for learning are very few. School often provides relief from these challenges in life. And education may help them to live a better life in the future. And in a church school they have an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ on a personal level.

The students we minister to do not pay tuition to attend the church schools. They are too poor. Teachers receive no pay or very little pay unless a church in the U.S. becomes a church to church ministry partner.

Your gift to help with school supplies for these children is vitally important. We can not do much to change the home environment or the surrounding living environment but we can help these children to get a Christian education that may change their lives for the better for ever. Your gift to the school supplies fund will help equip the children to learn and encourage them in their pursuti of an education. Every child deserves that opportunity. Will you help us give our 500 children an opportunity to learn?

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