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We are proud of the kids at House of Hope Orphange. They study hard and do well in their studies. They love to learn. And compared to most children in Haiti they have good conditions for learning.

The children who attend at House of Hope are in small classes. They do not have the frills of modern techinology but they have a small teacher to pupil ratio and follow the prescribed curriculum and testing processes. And they do well.

But when students leave the primary level and move up in the learning process they also move out of the House of Hope environment and into off-site government schools or private Christian schools. That means that we incur additional expense for our children for items such as tuition, books, supplies, uniforms, and transportation. In this approaching school year we will need $2500.00 to cover the costs for our House of Hope students. And we need those funds before school opens.

Your gift will help assure that every one of our House of Hope children, from the youngest to the oldest , from the on-site student to the off-site student, will receive an education that will help prepare them to earn thier way as adults in Haiti. You gift will help to change a life.

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