Older than Dirt?

Today is my birthday! And contrary to what some may say I am not older than dirt. However, my Haitian friend and I together (pictured here with me), come close to that description.

At my age I am not really looking for birthday gifts, parties, calls, cards or anything else except another breath and that is really dependant on God not you or me.

But I would like to see two things for my birthday. First, I would like to see my partners in ministry sharing a gift to provide for the school supplies needed for 500 Haitian school children in Haiti. Total still needed ...$2500. Second, I would like to see my partners in ministry sharing gifts to provide for the school supplies, tuition, transportation, and uniforms to meet the needs of 36 children at House of Hope Orphanage (photo above). Total amount needed for House of Hope kids is $2,500. That is a large sum of dollars to be sure. And school starts in a few weeks. But we have a BIG God who has a lot of people in His Kingdom. And God's people are generous. And these needy kids are some of the poorest children on earth. And besides you want to make me happy on my birthday! Smile.

You can donate today by visiting the website at caribbeanvisionministries.org

or you can send a check to: Caribbean Vision Ministries, PO Box 18317, Panama City Beach, FL 32417. Make my day...help my kids...change a life.

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