History of our ministry in HAITI

In January 2015 we will mark ten years of ministry in Haiti. When we began ministry in Haiti we had very little money, no buildings, no equipment, no proven personnel to work with, and no assurances that our venture for God would prove successful. We did have a conviction that God called us to serve the people of Haiti and we did have a plan that we believe God led us to develop. Pastor Elysee Joseph and I have attempted to be faithful to God in serving in Haiti and God has been faithful to us in the pursuit of His calling for us to plant churches and minister to the Haitian people.

Because of the foundational work that we did in 2005-2009 when the earthquake of January 2010 occurred Caribbean Vision Ministries was positioned to help the people of Port Au Prince by assisting ministry partners in the city with money, food, clothing, and medical care. In addition we worked with ministry partners to construct a new church for folks who lost their church in the quake. And we were able to act as a conduit for many churches in the U.S. sending relief supplies to Haiti. And some of the teams we introduced to Haiti during this time have remained permanent ministers to the people of Haiti.

God has allowed Caribbean Vision Ministries over these ten years to build and operate Grace Theological Institute so that biblically qualified Pastors could plant churches and serve their people. God has also led us to establish House of Hope Orphanage to care for parentless and abandoned children (see photo on header). We currently have 36 children and ten adults living and serving at House of Hope. In addition five churches and five mission churches have been planted and several more are in the planning stages. Five hundred children in church schools are assisted in receiving an education of body, mind, soul and spirit. All of our ministries are run by Haitian Nationals. Medical teams use the Grace Theological Institute facilities to conduct week-long medical clinics to help those in medical need and discussions are underway with a medical ministry to establish a permanent medical clinic on the grounds of the Institute. In addition up to seven GO2Haiti Teams from local churches in the U.S. serve with us in Haiti each year.

We praise God for what He has accomplished during this ten year period in Haiti through the tireless efforts of many people in Haiti, Trinidad and in the United States. God has channeled our financial, material, and people resources through Christian people, local churches, and Christian organizations. Hundreds of people have served with us in Haiti and literally thousands of people in U.S. churches have contributed to God's work in Haiti.

Why have I chosen this time to review the short history of Caribbean Vision Ministries? Because I want God to receive the Glory and thanksgiving He deserves for what He has done in Haiti through His people. It is true that little is much when God is in it. And God doesn't need the sharpest pencil in the box

to write His message on the hearts of people who need Jesus. Caribbean Vision Ministries is small when compared to the mission organizations working around the world. But we believe this is where God has planted us to do

a particular ministry for him.

Another reason for sharing this story at this time is because Caribbean Vision Ministries needs your help. We need your prayers and financial support at this particular time in this year. Our ministries have been expanding and God is opening many doors but our finances are not keeping pace to adequately take care of the present ongoing ministries. In particular financial need at this time is the House of Hope Orphanage Fund and the Haiti General Fund which covers the costs of Grace Theological Institute and the Administrative Staff. Any financial assistance you could provide toward these urgent needs would be appreciated.

Recently I had to call our Administrator in Haiti and tell him there are no funds available to meet our obligations for the month. That was a hard call to make because I know our Haitian staff at House of Hope Orphanage and Grace Theological Institute rely on us for the funds to care for their families, the kids at House of Hope, and the operation of the facilities.

November is a traditional month of Thanksgiving in the United States and we who serve in the many ministries of Caribbean Vision Ministries want to give thanks to God for His many blessings heaped upon the Caribbean people we minister to. Will you join us in giving thanks to God by giving a special Thanksgiving offering to the "Haiti Thanksgiving Fund" so that we can meet our current obligations, clear out deficits in the areas mentioned, and finish the year on a positive note for these ministries?

Since you have received this email or letter I know you have an interest in helping the Haitian people to receive the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. All of our ministries are focused on presenting the message of the gospel in multiple ways. Please accept my heart- felt thanks for your interest and please consider sending a financial gift today that will make an impact on the lives of many Haitians as they see your love expressed for them in their need.

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