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GO2Trinidad Teams get involved in a lot of different ministries and the six men who joined Chuck Davis for the trip to Trinidad in August were a prime example of how God uses these teams. Three of the men came from PA and three came from OH but they blended together well as God used them to minister to many people in Trinidad.

Pastor Larry Humberd from Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church in Bethlehem, PA has been a supporter of the Trinidad ministry for many years but this is the first trip he has been able to make to Trinidad in ten years. He brought two men from the congregation with him and Brad & Vince along with Larry jumped right into the ministry God had planned for them.

Associate Pastor Aaron Jones, from Woodville Grace Brethren Church in Mansfield, OH, brought a young man with whom he had a mentoring relationship, along with him. Nate, who is a Doctor of Pharmacy and single, provided a lot of good ammunition for a hilarious time during the week. Rounding out our team was Joe Riley from Delaware, OH. Joe has been to Trinidad a number of times and has developed a number of relationships with the people of Trinidad so he feels right at home in Trinidad.

These men enjoyed sharing and worshipping with the people of Grace Church on Sunday and also getting to know each other and prepare for the week. On Monday morning the Team went to Oropune to a church member's home to put in a new driveway and carport floor so the area could be used as a meeting place for a new mission church outreach in the neighborhood. In the afternoon the men were joined by church members to go door to door in the neighborhood and invite people to a church service scheduled for Thursday evening.

On Tuesday the Team went to the hospital to visit patients and share care packages along with a gospel message, testimonies, tracts, and bibles. In Trinidad it is still possible to go in and visit patients you don't know and Grace Church has an ongoing hospital visitation ministry. In the afternoon the Team did door to door visitation in a new outreach mission area in La Paille Village. Later that evening the Team had an evangelistic meeting in the home of one of the church members in the area.

On Wednesday, during the day, the Pastoral members of the Team held discipleship training sessions for about thirty church members and other interested people at Grace Church and along with the teaching the Team members also held counseling sessions for those who sought their help. Thursday the Team distributed food boxes to needy people, visited the Temple in the Sea, and also held an evangelistic outreach service at the location where they poured the concrete floor on Monday.

Friday was Maracas Beach Day where the team enjoyed Richard's Bake & Shark, good Trini fellowship and the refreshing ocean waters. And in the evening the Trinidad team that served in Haiti in July shared their experiences with the Team from the U.S.

One highlight of the week was the privilege the Team had to stand on a property the church is praying for as a possible piece of land where they may build a church building. Pray with us please. Pray also for the new mission points at Oropune & La Paille Village. This was a great week and a spiritual growth week for Americans and Trinis as well.

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