House of Hope Orphanage

This year has brought a lot of changes at House of Hope. A school year has been completed, a new security wall has been built, a new girls' dorm has been completed, the multi-purpose building has been upgraded to enclosed walls, a new roof and better meeting space for the Church and other uses.

In addition several of our older boys (actually young men), and one of our older girls have moved from House of Hope and joined the surrounding community or have moved closer to relatives. For the time being this does allow the remaining children, teens and young adults to have more space in their housing units. A new Resident program has been established that will assist in preparing our Residents for life in Haitian society.

We have a new Director and we have reorganized our Staff . We also have incorporated our Residnets into training programs that will make House of Hope function better and provide some income for the Residents. We need to secure financial commitments from individuals, churches or organizations to supply the funds needed to operate House of Hope. Currently we have partners to provide about three quarters of our current monthly needs.This makes planning and care for adults and children very difficult on an ongoing basis. Please consider investing in the lives of the Staff & orphans on an ongoing basis so we can minister to them more effectively. 

We are planning for the future of Hope of Hope and we are working to improve our outreach into the surrounding communities in ways that will introduce them to the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and also meet some of their social needs in areas of Health care, food and clothing. Please pray with us as we seek God's plan for the future of House of Hope and how it can be used in greater ways for the expansion and ministry of God's Church.

We are thankful for all those who help us in this ministry and we are thankful for the short-term teams that minister so effectively at House of Hope in the summer and at other times during the year. Recent renovations at House of Hope and a new coat of paint has the facility looking much better and the space is more efficient for our use. If you would be interested in bringing a team to minister at House of Hope please contact us.



Your donations make life better for the House of Hope Residents by providing a Christian Education for them. In the Christian school the children receive an expanded quality Christian education they would not receive in a government school. They also learn to integrate with others outside the orphanage. A good education helps prepare these students for a better quality of life and ministry for God in the Haitian society. Your gifts provide a special blessing for them. Thank you!

If you would like to help the residents of House of Hope with their daily needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care it would be deeply appreciated. You can select one of our Residents and provide monthly support for them and through your ministry encourage them to continue on faithfully trusting in the Lord and knowing others care for them. 

Your gifts can be given by PayPal on this website or you can mail your check to: Caribbean Vision Ministries, 14458 Via Royale, Delray Beach, FL 33446 and mark it for: HOH Fund.

Thank you for giving and praying for the ministry of House of Hope. We invite you to bring a Team and minister at House of Hope.


The key to the ministry of Caribbean Vision Ministries in Haiti is Grace Theological Institute in Cap Haitien and a number of satellite Institutes in local churches throughout Haiti. The training of Church Planters, Pastors, and local Church Leaders is necessary to provide biblically knowledgeable Leaders in Haiti. Out of these Institutes come the people to lead the church of God in Haiti in its pursuit to see people commit their lives to Christ, provide care for orphans & widows, provide medical care for the sick, educate the young, and impact the morals of society.

Because of Grace Theological Institute and its graduates House of Hope Orphanage is in operation today, Christian Schools are training children, the material needs of many poor people are being met, a partnership with Three Strands Medical Clinic is in operation, and churches are being planted and Leaders are being trained. In addition short-term ministry teams often work with the Chapel located on the campus of GTI to serve the surrounding neighbrohood. 

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP GRACE THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OPEN AND SERVING THE PEOPLE OF HAITI. The Institute has been running a deficit in its operating budget for several years. The budget is "bare bones" and Grace is quality in its teaching staff and administration and they are all sacrificing to serve to Jesus at Grace.

​We need ministry partners who will help us clear the deficit and help in giving  on a regular basis to provide the operating expenses so we can continue the great work God is doing through Grace. Will you consider being one of those who give to make life changing differences in the country of Haiti?

Please help us keep Grace Theological Institute open and able to continue its work in Haiti. Your financial gift to us is vital at this time in our ministry. Please send your gift today or go to the PayPal button on this website and make a gift today. Thank your for your partnership.

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