Please pray for the needs of the Field Directors of each country as they seek to use their resources effectively for God’s Kingdom. Pray for the church planters and local church leaders as they seek to reach their communities for Christ. Though they may serve in different countries all of the Pastors have the same basic needs. All of these Pastors must earn their own money to support their families while they serve God as local church Pastors. Time management is a critical issue and obtaining financial resources to supply church ministries is very difficult as most of the Pastors serve in very poor communities. Transportation, food, clothing, health care, and religious opposition to the gospel are all major issues for most of the Pastors and local church leaders. Pray also that God would supply the resources needed for Caribbean Vision Ministries to assist God’s Church in the Bahamas, Haiti, and Trinidad in a very effective way. Pray that God would provide church ministry partners in the United States to work with Caribbean Vision Ministries to assist God’s church in the Caribbean.




CHURCH: Please consider promoting the ministry of Caribbean Vision Ministries in your local church through personal contact, literature, bulletins, bulletin boards, through your missions committee, missions conferences, CVM personnel visits, Pastoral encouragement, or by sharing the CVM website.

COMMUNITY: There are Caribbean people in your community who are interested in helping the people in the Caribbean. They may have left the Islands but they still have an interest there. Share the ministry of Caribbean Vision Ministries with them and encourage them to get involved. Our website is a good place for them to start. 


PROFESSION: Many Professional people have an interest in helping those in need in the Caribbean. They can use their skills to benefit others in real need and many desire to do so but don’t really know how to do so effectively. Caribbean Vision Ministries can help them find a place and a way to serve others. Also many companies offer matching gifts programs and Caribbean people can be benefited through the financial resources from these donations. Caribbean Vision Ministries can help to use these gifts wisely to meet the needs of hurting people. 

FAMILY CIRCLES: If you have found joy in serving the people of the Caribbean through a ministry trip yourself, or if you have helped to sponsor others to serve and found joy in that, then please share that information in your family circles. Others may want to find that same joy. Caribbean Vision Ministries would love to serve your extended family in providing ways to bring the gospel to Caribbean people and also minister their physical needs as well.


FRIEND CIRCLES: A trip to the Caribbean to serve God among needy people is a life changing experience. To do it with a friend or friends is one of life’s great blessings. Promote your experience among friends, or your anticipated or desired experience, you may find your friends would like to join you in serving God in this way.


You can assist at this time in construction of a number of church and school facilities. Help is also needed to provide for the construction of a small chapel at Grace Theological Institute in Cap Haitien, Haiti to provide for the residents of the surrounding community. We are also seeking help to landscape the property at House of Hope Orphanage in Haiti. 


Caribbean Vision Ministries is seeking individuals and churches to partner with us in assisting God’s Church in the Caribbean through financial gifts, GO2Teams, sponsoring of schools, churches, local church satellite locations for Grace Theological Institute in Haiti, food programs, health ministries, and orphan care. The Church is alive in the Caribbean and we can assist them in their mission for Christ. 

Please sponsor one of the children in our House of Hope Orphanage in Haiti. $40 a month per child will cover 30% of the costs of operating House of Hope. The remainder of the costs are covered by additional donations from friends of House of Hope.


Thank you for your partnership.


Every ministry has general or overhead expenses. Most of the donations that Caribbean Vision Ministries receives go to specified areas of ministry. We are committed to using the funds for those areas. We still have basic operating costs and recurring expenses that we must pay and that comes out of the general fund. Your gifts to the General Fund will help us to carry out our tasks of ministering to the local churches of the Caribbean in the most efficient way. 


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