Trinidad is a land of beauty and great spiritual need


Trinidad is a great place to take people on their first cross-cultural missions trip out of the US. The living conditions and ministering conditions for the team members offer no great health risk. The people are friendly, the ministry options can be challenging but very attainable, the climate can be hot but usually is comfortable & a/c is usually available for sleeping. The food is great though it may be different than your normal diet to some extent. Sound too much like home?


Let me assure you things will be different and you will gain a new understanding of ministering to and with people who are different from you in many ways. The language is English but the island dialect may cause you to wonder about that. Transportation is exciting, the countryside and beaches are beautiful, and strange sights and sounds are everywhere.


But the real reason we go to Trinidad is to share the gospel with the many people who are in spiritual darkness. Cornerstone of Grace Fellowship Church, located near Kelly Village (not far from the airport), is in the middle of the battle for people's souls. Located just a short distance from major Muslim mosques and many Hindu temples the church is truly a lighthouse for Christ. GO2Trinidad Teams go to Trinidad to assist Cornerstone Church in their ministry to reach people for Christ, train people for Christ and send people for Christ.


In past years we have had teams centered on training & outreach, Vacation Bible School & evangelism, men's & women's retreats, neighborhood projects, ministry to orphans and sports events. Below are some photos of the new church facility..



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